Rock / Pop Band

MayB studio is ideal for recording a quick but high quality demo. In a typical evening session of three hours recording, with a well rehearsed band, it has been possible to record up to six songs using the following process:

If we take the example of a 4 piece rock band (Drummer, bass guitar, lead guitar , vocalist) then here we have a tried and tested formula for recording: The drums are recorded using 8 microphones i.e. two overheads, bass drum mic and snare mic plus separate mics for the toms. A sound baffle screen is placed in front of the drums. The bass guitar and rhythm / lead guitar are recorded at the same time. For the best results we take a direct lead from the guitar effects output and bass amp straight into the mixing desk and the band monitors the sound via headphones. If the guitarists want to record the sound coming from their amplifier speaker, that is not a problem but separation might become an issue in the mix down using this process. Guide vocals can be used at this stage for the band to follow. The main vocal is added separately after the main instruments have been recorded, this gives us better control of the vocal level in the final mix.

Any amount of overdubs are possible i.e adding harmonies, extra lead solos etc.

The studio performs a mix down the following day after the session, free of charge, and a demo CD is produced for the band to listen to. Nothing is set in stone at this point and if the band want changes in the mix after listening to the demo then the studio will carry out the required changes. If the band want to be present at the mix down then normal studio hourly charges apply.