MayB Studio can produce or find backing tracks from a huge in house catalogue. However if you wish to use your own backing tracks that’s fine. We can import tracks in most formats e.g. mp3 files, cd, dvd, mini-disc, cassette tape etc.

We use top quality valve condenser microphones to capture your vocal performance. Top quality reverb's can be added in the mix. Any amount of overdubs are possible i.e adding harmonies, double tracking etc.

Most times singing with a backing track would not take a lot of mixing and a demo CD sometimes can be produced at the end of the session. However,the studio usually performs a mix down the following day after the session, free of charge, and a demo CD is produced for you to listen to. Nothing is set in stone at this point and if you want changes in the mix after listening to the demo then the studio will carry out the required changes. If you want to be present at the mix down then normal studio hourly charges apply.

A full colour CD cover / insert and case can be provided. More details about this can be found on the Services tab.